Cryptocurrency Analysis Portal

The cryptocurrency analysis portal is a source of unique analytical data and metrics capturing and visualizing crypto global market data. Portal collects and processes data from various exchangers to provide the most accurate results to crypto traders.

Cryptocurrency Analysis Portal

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Dallas, Texas



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Client’s background

The client is a company that specializes in financial market analysis of digital assets. They not only provide crypto global market data to analyze changes but also develop the tools facilitating transparency and adoption for Blockchain and crypto markets.

Our client was looking for a software development partner to build the product from scratch. They had found five companies, including us, and gave each of the selected vendors small projects. After a few months, CUDEV became the sole development provider they continue to cooperate with.

Technologies used

PHPLaravelJavaScriptVue.jsChart.jsTradingView.jsMySQLRedisGoogle Cloud


Our collaboration started with the creation of an MVP of the crypto market screener. After a successful launch, we proceeded with adding new first-to-market features that were unavailable on similar platforms. Namely, the portal with modular data-sets enables to see such metrics as:

Sector indiciesSector indicies
Global book volumeGlobal book volume
Order books & Order flow dataOrder books & Order flow data
Market capMarket cap
Market depth ratioMarket depth ratio
Market trends by regionsMarket trends by regions

Within the solution, we also built the high-availability cluster that operates via an IP addresses pool. Such an approach to the architecture ensures continuous service uptime while processing data. As a result, the website always provides accurate and relevant results.

An interface on the portal is fully customizable, so users can pick certain panels, columns, and parameters as well as apply the filter by number and depth of books, volume, and market cap.

During the time of our cooperation, the CUDEV team also helped to develop a modular user-customizable API. It provides crypto market professionals with advanced real-time analytics, which allow them to identify shifts in market sentiment as well as gain insights about data they are interested in.


Throughout the years of fruitful cooperation, the client has benefited from partnering with us in the following aspects:

By the high-availability cluster, the modular screener collects data from 25 crypto exchanges, process it by over 20 sector indices and around 1000+ assets, then collect the data on the database;

All the data-sets on the website can be customized in a way each user wants. So the website is user-friendly for all: traders, cryptoanalysts, and enthusiasts;

Since the API release, the client started partnering with Cryptohooper, Cryptosheets, and other companies;

The overall approach to the system workflow allows providing crypto market changes with high data accuracy and unique metrics. Thus, the end-users analyze the information faster and more qualitatively than via other crypto analysis portals.


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