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We adjust our development process to your needs as well as use the latest industry-leading technologies. Combined, all of this allows us to create more powerful, cost-effective web apps.

What we can help you with

Product Re-engineering

Maintaining outdated software is more expensive than its modernization. That's a fact. Our team will ensure smooth data migration, and replace the old code with the new one. As a result, you’ll get an optimized and thus scalable product.

Product Integration

The adoption of new processes might cause challenges related to software integration. Our developers are experienced at setting the connection between your platform and external systems such as DBMS, ERP, CMS, CRM, and more.

Progressive Web Apps

Improve website usability through PWA technology. Push notifications, the website work offline, responsive UI, and app-like experience allows you to engage with your customers better than ever before.

Product Maintenance

When your project is delivered, we proceed to keep your app stable, efficient, and works properly. Besides, we can provide L1-L3 support services to your business, and will adapt your software to the market changes once it’s time.

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Improve the product partnering with us


Strategy elaboration
Scope & timeline determination
Workflow planning
Upcoming sprints preparation
Backlog refining
Team & project management


New logo & rebranding
UX aiming at the user journey
Unique user-friendly UI
HTML/CSS prototype
Data flow redesign
Product architecture upgrading

Development & Testing

A functional website adaptable to all screen sizes
Third-party API Integration
Code refactoring & bug fixing
A website converted into a PWA
Well-worked and backward-compatible features
Technology & platform migration
Security & performance solutionsFunctionality, usability, and data leaks testing
Other legacy software improvements


Integration CI/CD processes
Deployed ready-to-use app
Server, cloud, and microservices solutions

Maintenance & Support

L1-L3 support
Ongoing monitoring & maintenance
Further product versions releases

Benefits you receive

Secure Conditions

We can sign an NDA before the project starts to guarantee that we keep your data safe. We also adhere to international standards like HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, as relevant to your product.

Clear management

Ongoing communication, round-the-clock status availability via task management software, weekly/monthly activity reports - we do all of this to keep you updated without spending far too much of your time than it's needed.

Future Scalability

Our team follows the best code practices while working on your software, so that you can modify your product with additional features without fundamental architecture changes. Our code is perfectly maintainable and scalable further.

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