E-commerce Platform

The delivered platform, due to its flexibility and multi-purpose nature, became a foundation for a variety of e-commerce projects, both traditional, and the ones including additional custom features, such as different payment models, inbuilt management systems, promotional tools, etc.

E-commerce Platform
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Client’s background

The customer is a digital agency that, at the time of our first contact, required some help with one of their projects as they didn’t have any inhouse resources at the time to take care of the web development. Prior to our collaboration, they usually outsourced projects to different contractors one at a time, but we managed to become permanent partners with the agency and have been providing them with ongoing support ever since.

This particular project grew out of a necessity to have a ready-made solution for custom e-commerce projects which later become a basis for multiple online shops.

Technologies used



In collaboration with the client and relying on their experience within the industry, we managed to build a unified and customizable solution that became a foundation for many other projects we have completed together. Here are the key features of the platform:

Highly customizable

No limitations on what can and cannot be integrated into the solution in the future.


The solution is highly secure against possible attacks and injections.


Extremely scalable from single to very large distributed installations.

Ready-made modules

The platform provides a vast variety of features, such as notifications, an automated order-printing system, a stock management system, etc.

International Standard

The solution adheres to international standards like HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI-DSS.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The optimization is done in accordance with Google's technical guidelines and best practices, ensuring great performance and helping the website to rank higher.

User friendly design

A well thought-out user journey ensures that every part of the process is easy to understand and to follow.

Content management system

The inbuilt custom CMS that allows easy and quick content upades.

PWA (Progressive Web Application)

Available for all devices, the PWA is an application installed directly on the users’ devices, allowing the most loyal customers quick access to the solution.

In-built payment gateways

The PayPal and Stripe integrations allow online payments to be done directly on the website.

Different payment models

The solution provides different payment models, including one-time purchases, click and collect, subscriptions, etc.

Easy promotion

Platform provides a variety of promotional product types: bundles, vouchers, virtual, configurable, custom and event products.


The solution proved to be quite universal yet highly customizable, making it possible to use it as a basis for over a dozen projects so far. Here are some of them:

Clothes store

Our customer was a hand-made clothes manufacturer with no offline stores and used social media and online marketplaces as the main sales channels. The next steps for the company was the establishment of their brand identity and the development of their own online store. The final product not only perfectly represents their vision, but is also responsible for over 60% of their sales.

Regional cuisine delivery

Food delivery service that was designed to increase the public’s interest in regional cuisines that don’t yet have the pominance and recognition in the Western culture. The service works in collaboration with local restaurants and within a year managed to launch in 3 new cities, following the successful test run.

Online library

Based on the pre-streaming era Netflix subscription model, for a fixed monthly fee the service gives users access to thousands of paper books that can be ordered by mail and kept for as long as the subscription is valid. The client is a well established bookstore that started this project as an experiment. The new service became a great success and helped them to double the overall profits.

Makeup store

Highly SEO friendly, extremely fast and performance driven e-commerce website that is a step-up from the old version which was built using WooCommerce CMS. That version was a constant struggle for a client. Every marketing campaign they had performed very poorly due to the nature of the solution. That is why they decided to rebuild the website from scratch, making it completely custom this time.

Off-licence store

The high-end e-commerce for the curated selection of wines, craft beers and spirits. In early 2020 the offline store had to be closed due to the Covid-19 quarantine restrictions, which led to a decision to move the business online. Within just a few months after the launch, online sales managed not only to match the pre-covid offline numbers, but also grow 500%.

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