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The educational platform is an online learning solution for distance corporate training.
With the help of our team, the solution changed the approach to the learning process, making it more personalized. It also grew substantially by adding new features, such as an exclusive hybrid mobile application and brand new specialized courses.

Educational Platform

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By the end of 2019, our client already had a functional platform that provided English courses for corporate clients. The plan for 2020 was to grow the solution, add the mobile app, expand the courses range and, most importantly, rework the main approach to teaching. The client believed that the key to effective learning is the relationship built between a trainer and a learner, so it became the team's goal to replicate this experience in their solution, inventing an AI virtual coach that will later become a key feature.

By the second quarter of 2020 it was clear that they were unlikely to finish the new scope in time without some extra help, so the client contacted CUDEV with an intent to augment the team. The timing was crucial so we got to work right away and together we managed to finish the scope by October.

Technologies used

PHPLaravelJavaScriptVue.jsNuxt.jsReact NativeMySQLRedisAWS


Our team worked alongside the inhouse developers and contributed to all development stages of the listed features:

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Unique approach to learning processUnique approach to learning process

The lessons are staged as one-on-one dialogues with a personal virtual coach that helps emulate tutor-learner relationships.

Vast variety of available coursesVast variety of available courses

Learners can pick and choose courses needed to succeed at this stage in their career or life.

Personalized planPersonalized plan

A unique algorithm ensures that the training program perfectly matches the user's learning objectives and fits into their daily life.

Personal dashboardPersonal dashboard

A place for users to monitor their progress, set new goals and customize the learning process.

Mobile appMobile app

All the functionality of the solution accessed on the go.

Smart notifications systemSmart notifications system

The notifications timing is based on the learners previous behaviour and their personal schedule.

Learning Management SystemLearning Management System

A custom solution that tracks and documents progress, helps to manage the learning process.

Cloud solutionCloud solution

Monitoring employees learning progress could be easily done at any time.


Data Protection and GDPR Compliance.


Completely reworked learning process allowed for AI integration into the solution, which resulted in a huge user retention success. The app has a 73% 1-month retention rate, and a 78% 3-month retention rate.

The range of the available courses grew substantially. Starting with just the courses in English language, the platform is now no longer limited to only one subject. Currently, the platform provides training in various disciplines, including marketing, data science, digital media, finance, and even fashion. Language courses are now also available for French, Spanish and German languages.

The newly developed accompanying exclusive mobile app ranks highly on both App Store and Google Play, collecting thousands of downloads and reviews.

As of this year, the platform is being used by 130 enterprises and 60 % of CAC 40 companies experienced training in the last year.

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